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ImageCD Catalog - keep all your image CDs at your fingertips by using this image cataloger, offline browser and slideshow image viewer software. Giving you the power to catalog and browse all your digital photo CDs while you keep them on the shelf.
  • Variable user defined thumbnail size and quality, let you to manage how pictures will be stored for preview 'offline' and how much space will take on disk your saved catalog of image CDs

  • Also, the size on disk of the saved catalog allows you to share it with ease.

  • The build in full screen viewer will point the cd number and label to load on drive for viewing in full screen mode. The variable speed slide show, is another useful feature incorporated for your convenient. Transition effects are also available.

  • Advanced filters for image re-scaling will enhance picture quality when building thumbnails or on slide-show mode.

  • Before burning your images on CD it is recommended to have a meaningful structure of folders and images name. Pics Organizer, can easily do that job for you, even if you have thousands of images. Having pictures organized, you will find very useful the 'search by name' feature.

  • The 'search by date' feature helps you to find a picture or a group of pictures within a time range from all your CDs.

  • Add your own keywords to images in order to find them with ease.

  • Export your catalog to MS Access database. Thumbnail or image file data may also be exported to database as is, jpeg or bitmap format.

  • ImageCD Catalog now supports more than 30 popular image extensions. Please read 'Features' section for more details.

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    ImageCD Catalog your fingertips - a digital photo cataloger software
    ImageCD Catalog v3.2 is now available.
    ImageCD Catalog your fingertips - a digital image cataloger software

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    cnet ImageCD Catalog is a clever program that allows users to create libraries containing thumbnails of photographs that are stored on CDs. For photographers who tend to store images this way, ImageCD Catalog provides a quick way to find images...
    ImageCD Catalog your fingertips - a digital image cataloger software

    ImageCD Catalog your fingertips - a digital image cataloguer software

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