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ImageCD Catalog your fingertips - a digital photo software catalog
Main Features

  • Catalog and browse off-line your photo CDs collection.
  • Variable size and quality thumbnail preview image let you quickly view all images from all your photo CDs.
  • Support for many image file formats with selective filter option to scan CDs.
  • Support for EXIF - information saved by your digital camera on each picture file
  • Full-screen slide-show with manual or automatic slide in forward, backward or random direction at user defined variable display interval. Transition effects are also available.
  • Rotate jpeg image according to Exif 'Orientation' tag( if available)
  • Search all your CD collection by name, keyword and/or date interval
  • Add keywords to images for easy searching
  • Up to six resampling filters to apply for thumbnail build or slide-show image re scaling to increase image quality.
  • Sort pictures by date, name or size in ascendent or descendent order
  • Statistic window to display the number of each image formats found on the entire catalog or on a selected CD
  • Advanced error handling, giving the option to display promptly errors to user or silently log them in 'error.log' file
  • Export your catalog to MS Access database. Thumbnail or image file data may also be exported to database as is, jpeg or bitmap format. Simple or relational database may be created.
ImageCD Catalog your fingertips - a digital photo software catalog

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